My View for Today

Sure hope Rudolph comes visit…

IMG 5712 My View for Today

The Rut Has Begun Here

The boys are out looking…

IMG 5552 0 The Rut Has Begun Here

I Love Opening Day!

Deer season is finally here… See y’all in January!!! #Cajuncookin #Bowhuntin #Campdog

IMG 3265 I Love Opening Day!

RibEye on a Stick

RibEye on a Stick… Only at the Beaver Ranch La.

20140803 201131 72691877 RibEye on a Stick

Boiled Crawfish

Nearing the end of the season but… This is gonna be good…

20140607 182742 Boiled Crawfish

Jambalaya Anyone

20130918 105104 Jambalaya Anyone

Louisiana Cypress

20130913 132823 Louisiana Cypress

It’s Hanger Time

hanger time 300x137 Its Hanger Time

Yep It’s Hanger Time Ya’ll

Bow Season Coming Soon

42 days to go!!! I’m getting ready!!! I can smell the catfish cookin on an open fire already!!!

20130820 085433 Bow Season Coming Soon

Born to Hunt, Forced to Work

62 Days To Go, But Who’s Counting…

20130731 145122 Born to Hunt, Forced to Work