Another Nice Louisiana Buck

photo 182x300 Another Nice Louisiana BuckAnother buck down from area 8 in Leblanc La. as rutting action heats up in that part of the south.

On opening day of rifle season Brian Whenstine took this 195 lb. 9 point buck with a 19 3/4 in. inside spread using his Remington 30-06 model 760 pump while hunting his favorite blind at the far end of his property.  Brian had been getting pictures from his trail cam of this buck and a few more similar bucks since early August.

Now I’ve been knowing Brian long enough to know he doesn’t go anywhere without his pocket Bible, so I asked him; we’re you reading or meditating while sitting in your blind before the magic moment arrived?  Tell me your story…
“Yes, I had been looking at one of my favorite Bible scriptures Isaiah 41:10 and praying.  Then at that last 15 to 20 minutes of daylight when hunting is at its peak and you do nothing but sit silently anticipating a deer to walk out in front of you, as you can hear your own heart pounding, wondering if it will be a buck or a doe or anything at all.  I looked over toward my food plot and there he was standing in the middle of it. When he put his head down to eat I put a round in his neck dropping him in his tracks.”

Brian’s not just lucky, I know he’s been living right too.

Thanks for sharing your story and as always remember to take a kid outdoors!

Papa Scott

 Another Nice Louisiana Buck

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