“Daddy got the Corn Thief”

Hog 224x300 Daddy got the Corn Thief

Photo by: Heather Ardoin



Daddy got the corn thief said Heather Ardoin as she snapped this photo of the 350 plus pound beacon beast shot by her dad Joey Ardoin (right).

    I was sitting in my favorite hunting blind Sunday evening hoping to get another chance at a buck that eluded me the day before, (Ok I shot and missed). It was approaching prime time for game activity and I was ready with my rifle in its usual resting place sticking out the the window of my box blind. With this beautiful cool weather someone’s gonna shoot this evening I thought to myself as there were 4 of us hunting this property. Just then a shot rang out from a stand about a 1/4 mile down the logging road from me. It was Joey Ardoin, knowing that he probably wouldn’t shoot a doe I just knew it was a buck, probably the one that got away, Ha. But with today’s technology I found out rather quickly that it was not a deer at all but a huge hog. I’m sure that’s not what Joey set out for that evening but I know he’s happy he took this corn devouring creature out of the heard and I am too.
Thanks Joey, and please shoot more!

Papa Scott

 Daddy got the Corn Thief

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