My Lil Visitor This Weekend

coon 224x300 My Lil Visitor This Weekend

Camp Dog Will Survive

20130512 123802 Camp Dog Will Survive

Cooking Teal Ducks at Camp


Merry Christmas Ya’ll

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be safe Ya’ll

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Varmint Control

One at a time

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Peyton Hunts with Grandpa

peyton 220x300 Peyton Hunts with GrandpaNot only does she ride horses but she shoots deer too.   Peyton Vidrine age 13 daughter of Brock and Abby Vidrine shot this nice doe while hunting with her Grandpa, Dominic Vidrine in the Whiteville area not too far from home.   It was nearing the end of the hunt for the evening when this doe stepped out giving Peyton the chance to take the shot with her 308 rifle bringing the deer down for the count.   This is not her first deer however, in 2010 she brought home a buck.

Nice job Peyton and Thanks Grandpa for taking a kid outdoors!  

Papa Scott



“Daddy got the Corn Thief”

Hog 224x300 Daddy got the Corn Thief

Photo by: Heather Ardoin



Daddy got the corn thief said Heather Ardoin as she snapped this photo of the 350 plus pound beacon beast shot by her dad Joey Ardoin (right).

    I was sitting in my favorite hunting blind Sunday evening hoping to get another chance at a buck that eluded me the day before, (Ok I shot and missed). It was approaching prime time for game activity and I was ready with my rifle in its usual resting place sticking out the the window of my box blind. With this beautiful cool weather someone’s gonna shoot this evening I thought to myself as there were 4 of us hunting this property. Just then a shot rang out from a stand about a 1/4 mile down the logging road from me. It was Joey Ardoin, knowing that he probably wouldn’t shoot a doe I just knew it was a buck, probably the one that got away, Ha. But with today’s technology I found out rather quickly that it was not a deer at all but a huge hog. I’m sure that’s not what Joey set out for that evening but I know he’s happy he took this corn devouring creature out of the heard and I am too.
Thanks Joey, and please shoot more!

Papa Scott

The Rut Is On

joe 224x300 The Rut Is On

This week in our part of south Louisiana I would have to say the the Rut is definitely kicking in!  On Saturday morning November 3rd. Joe Ardoin a member of our hunting club took down this buck cruising across a pipeline with only one thing on his mind.  Joe put a stop to that with one shot from his browning 7mm.  This buck weighed in over 150 lbs.  He is at least a 5 to 6 year old deer with a 16 1/2 inch spread and 19 1/2 main beams says Joe.

Thank for sharing Joe and remember to take a kid outdoors

Papa Scott

Another Nice Louisiana Buck

photo 182x300 Another Nice Louisiana BuckAnother buck down from area 8 in Leblanc La. as rutting action heats up in that part of the south.

On opening day of rifle season Brian Whenstine took this 195 lb. 9 point buck with a 19 3/4 in. inside spread using his Remington 30-06 model 760 pump while hunting his favorite blind at the far end of his property.  Brian had been getting pictures from his trail cam of this buck and a few more similar bucks since early August.

Now I’ve been knowing Brian long enough to know he doesn’t go anywhere without his pocket Bible, so I asked him; we’re you reading or meditating while sitting in your blind before the magic moment arrived?  Tell me your story…
“Yes, I had been looking at one of my favorite Bible scriptures Isaiah 41:10 and praying.  Then at that last 15 to 20 minutes of daylight when hunting is at its peak and you do nothing but sit silently anticipating a deer to walk out in front of you, as you can hear your own heart pounding, wondering if it will be a buck or a doe or anything at all.  I looked over toward my food plot and there he was standing in the middle of it. When he put his head down to eat I put a round in his neck dropping him in his tracks.”

Brian’s not just lucky, I know he’s been living right too.

Thanks for sharing your story and as always remember to take a kid outdoors!

Papa Scott

Louisiana Whitetail Early Rut Action

john ledeaux deer 300x292 Louisiana Whitetail Early Rut ActionWhile some may think it’s early, it’s pretty obvious that the preliminary stages of the rut is starting up in parts of south Louisiana and not too uncommon for this area.  Johnathan (John) LeDoux took down this nice drop tine buck this past Saturday while hunting area 8 in Leblanc La. 

A not too shabby 16 7/8 inside spread with 5 1/2 to 6 inch brow tines and a 4 inch drop tine weighing in at 183 lbs. An awesome buck for these piny woods for sure.

Here’s John’s story as he told me about it:

“Scott this deer was killed in area 8 in Leblanc La. on opening day of muzzle load (primitive firearms) season, he was killed with a .444 caliber rifle. The morning started out great, at 7:45 I watched a doe to the left of my blind at about 200 yards.  At 8:04 a bigger doe caught my eye crossing the lane to my right at about 180 yards, I put the cross hairs on her but opted not to shoot. At 8:09 here comes big boy in the same spot, I got on him pretty quick as I had only a spit second to evaluate him and make a shot. I pulled the trigger but couldn’t tell if I hit him or not. I sat till 9 o’clock before I went to check for blood, only to be disappointed, no blood anywhere around, only the tracks where he crossed, not wanting to jump him up if I did wound him I went back to my blind and sat for another hour or so but seemed like eternity, then finally my buddy Jared Leblue showed up. We walked to the spot where I shot him and found nothing so we decided to make an area search through the woods when Jared came across a good blood trail which lead us another 50 or so yards to him.  We liked to lost it when we saw how big he was. Then we really lost it when we saw the drop tine.”
Thanks for sharing your story John and good luck for the rest of the season.

And don’t forget to take a kid outdoors

Papa Scott