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Bridge Out Over Troubled Waters

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day at the camp, temperatures in the upper 40’s, clear skies and very few bugs to worry about.   After having my usual caffeine fix and a light breakfast I thought I would take a hike in the woods that we squirrel hunt in.  It’s about a 2 mile walk to the honey hole on the back of the property that is only accessible by boat, swinging on vines, swimming or preferably the walking bridge bridge out 300x288 Bridge Out Over Troubled Watersthat we maintain during hunting season.  While birds were singing and rabbits were out and about it was a nice walk up to the walking bridge.  I was eager to cross so that I could look for signs of hogs and maybe find a shed or two.  Well this is what I found instead, it looks like the heavy rains we’ve been getting caused a lot of flooding and damage to our bridge.  The top of the bridge was shackled to the tree on the right but wasn’t enough to hold back the rushing waters.

Oh well after assessing the situation I thought of something else I could do, return to the camp and defrost some ducks, yep I’ve got some ducks that need cooking and the family needs to eat.  My favorite way to cook ducks  is in my trusty old Black Iron Pot like my friend IronCooker sells.  Season thosewood ducks 300x224 Bridge Out Over Troubled Waters ducks up with Camp Dog original or non-typical, brown them up then pot roast em’ for a couple of hours.  You can find my Recipe here at campdogcajunseasoning.blogspot.com 


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 Bridge Out Over Troubled Waters

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