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Steve Powell and His Louisiana Longbeard

Gobbler Steve Powell and His Louisiana LongbeardIs this guy living right or what?  Not only did Steve Powell and his daughter Lindsey make the Cover of Bayou Bucks magazine with their monster buck taken this past November; but this opening weekend of turkey season in Louisiana Steve bags this 20 pound gobbler with an 11.5 inch beard sporting some 1 1/8  inch spurs.  He is truly Blessed I would say.   Here is just how Steve replays this awesome hunt.IMG 1249 Steve Powell and His Louisiana Longbeard

My hunt began weeks before the season opened.  I am hunting in Evangeline Parish just a 10 minute drive from home so in the mornings I get up early and drive out to the property and listen for gobbles before going to work.  On opening morning I thought for sure I had them figured out. 
There were two birds roosting in a tree line that was about 50 yards wide with pastures on both sides and hardwoods on each end.  The Friday morning the birds were roosted at the end of the tree line where the big woods started, so my plan was to get there well before daylight and set up about 100 yards from the end of the tree line in the far pasture.  I set everything up thinking the birds would fly down into the pasture and things would slowly come together. 
When daylight broke I heard several birds gobbling in the distance.  I let out an owl hoot and the birds gobbled three trees behind me in the tree line.  I thought this was gonna be good, they will fly down in the pasture right on the decoys.  I did a fly down noise by slapping my leg and did a fly down cackle.  The birds stayed on the roost until 8 am before flying down in the pasture on the other side of the tree line (opposite side from me).  I called and they would gobble on every call but would not cross that 50 yard tree line toward me. This went on until 11 am and as it happens they had thier own plans and I never heard them again. 
Well of course Sunday morning I was going to set up in the pasture where they had flown down the morning before.  I had my spot picked out before I left Saturday afternoon, again I had it all planned out; Yeah right.  When daylight broke there were gobbles everywhere.  Two birds were in the same spot as the morning before.  There was a third bird at the end of the tree line inside the big woods that was very hot.  I had that bird gobbling with just a touch of my slate call.  He would travel from left to right but never came out into the pasture.  About 40 yards into the big woods is a canal and I figured he was on the other side of the canal but wouldn’t cross over.  After working him crazy he decided there was probably an easier chase on his side of the canal and headed away from me.  While I was working him; the other two birds were gobbling also, but guess what side of the tree line they flew down on.  Yep the side I was on the morning before.  They gobbled and moved from left to right not crossing the tree line.  After 9 am I decided to move to the far end of the tree line right where the big woods started.  I let out a crow call and the two birds gobbled about 125 yards from me.  I set up my single decoy hen at the bottom of the two ridges that formed the tree line to my left about 15 yards from me and got on the ridge to my right so I could shoot to my left since I am right handed.  I made several light yelps and perrs but they didn’t gobble.  After about 45 minutes I decided to give another crow call to locate them and they gobbled just  50 yards straight in front of me.  I sat motionless, scanning the woods for movement.  I spotted one bird coming straight down the ridge I was on.  He was sporting a good 10 in beard but I held off until I could see the 2nd one.  The 2nd bird slowly moved into view with his beard dragging the ground.  I new I had made a good decision and waited until they were directly across from me approaching my decoy to my left.   As soon as the bigger bird walked into a clearing about 40 yards away I squeeze of the shot and he rolled!!!  I jumped up, ran to him and WOW what a nice bird he was.   The bird weighted 20 lbs had 11.5 inch beard and 1 inch and 1 1/8 inch spurs. 
It was a beautiful opening weekend and a successful one at that, Oh, but don’t leave home without your Thermacell, LOL.  I got tore up by mosquitoes Saturday morning but didn’t get a bite on Sunday.
Thanks Steve for sharing your story with us.  Lets all remember to take a kid hunting or fishing and enjoy the outdoors.
Papa Scott


 Steve Powell and His Louisiana Longbeard

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