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Cole’s First Squirrel

Coles first squirrel Coles First Squirrel While most local hunters would agree that the Louisiana May Squirrel Season is not the best time to be in the woods, you would probably have a hard time convincing this young man!

Seven year old Cole O’Connor son of Jessie & Ed O’Connor got his first squirrel this Saturday, May 5th. while hunting with his dad in the woods of Bayou Chicot.

According to Ed while creeping up on a few squirrels and getting set to take a shot Cole quickly realized that this was not a Red Rider BB gun he was handling.  His dad had outfitted him with a .410 shotgun which he had shot before but never had to hold steady for that length of time under these nerve-racking conditions.  Finally overcoming his nerves and the weight of the gun he squeezed of a shot dropping his trophy to the ground. “He was happy but not as happy as me” said Ed.  “We gave chase to a few more but he was “Finished with Dat” and ready to go home and show off his trophy”.  He later claimed that day to be the best day of his life.

Congratulations to you Cole & Kudos to your parents for teaching you to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors.

Taking kids outdoors is what it’s all about.

Papa Scott

 Coles First Squirrel

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